Even though I am registered, I can not participate in the OstseeMan Triathlon 2018 What should I do?

Who has to cancel participation in the 17th OstseeMan Triathlon 2018, send your withdrawal by e-mail to eventservice@mikatiming.de or info@ostseeman.de, or fax + 49- (0) 4631-40 69 43. As proof enough of the deposit slip or bank statement. This allows us to transfer the refund amount, we require the bank to which the refund amount, entry fee minus € 60, - cancellation fee can be paid. For foreign participants: BIC (SWIFT) and IBAN numbers are not forgotten in the bank. The right of withdrawal until May 6, 2018. After this date, no refund will be made more.


What is the regulation concerning. Age class and assignment? Counts of the year or the age on race day?

The age on race day is crucial to the determination under DTU in the relevant age group.


How many athletes are admitted to OstseeMan Triathlon 2018?

In order to obtain the unique atmosphere of Glücksburg, a maximum of 600 individual starters and 300 squadrons are allowed.


How do I know if my application has been registered?

All registered participants will receive at a hardcopy message written confirmation and online messages a confirmation e-mail. Under the menu entry lists all messages received and paid on the website www.ostseeman.de can be viewed from expected in February 2018.


My address or other information regarding my person have changed. How can I communicate these changes?

Messages, changes or cancellations will only be carried out by Mika timing Event Service. Changes, please send an e-mail: eventservice@mikatiming.de.

When application changes after the closing date (03 July 2018), an administration fee of € 20, -  per transaction is compulsory. Please keep in mind, that signatures of all parties are mandatory. We therefore ask you to load the official form from the internet down, enter your change accordingly and then send this including the identification of possibly new participants to Mika timing. After receipt of the file, the change will be made accordingly.


Need foreign participants who are in possession of a passport start of an ITU - are authorized National Association, a day license?

No, an annual license owner is no day license required. Please bring a valid license for registration.


What is a team order?

Each team consists of athletes of the same sex. The three best participants of a club / clubs are counted. An additional team registration is not required. The Team / Club name must be, however, identical, including any abbreviations are given in the application.


What must cause it, when a relay starter fails?

It consists, first, the possibility that one of the remaining starter takes over this part or a new starter will be named. In both cases, a new waiver / release of liability to the replacement starters needed. Amendments to the applications after the deadline will be a flat rate € 20, -. Administrative costs per transaction calculated.


Is it possible to replace a single starting place in a relay starting place?

No, that's not possible.


In case of an online relay entry, is the submission of the waiver / release of liability required?

Yes, even in the online registration of scales of the signatures of all three participants on the waiver / release of liability are required. The relay-signature form can be downloaded from the homepage www.ostseeman.de and must be completed and signed by all participants an be sent to Mika timing. In case of non submission of waiver / release of liability by e-mail a request is made by Mika timing for submission of waiver / release of liability. The signatures must be submitted within 14 days. Otherwise, the registration will be canceled.


Every participant a certificate?

Yes, Each participant completed within the overall time of 15 hours, the competition in the target receives the official OstseeMan finisher shirt and a medal. Winner of the ages will also receive a medal and a gift. Records and results will be adjusted after the cut-in the Internet under www.ostseeman.de and can be downloaded and ausgeduckt.


Can anyone compete as a pro during OstseeMan Triathlon 2018?

No, anyone who wants to compete as a pro, must show a valid professional license / a Elite Pass of the German Triathlon Union (DTU) to the Race Office picking up the start documents.


Can beginner to participate in the OstseeMan Triathlon 2018?

Yes, athletes want to complete their first long distance triathlon get a start permission and are welcome. The corresponding physical fitness is a must. A health check is recommended.


From when binding and detailed information about the race and routing are available?

All information and the entire route can be found on our website under the menu item links. In the competition documents is beyond a detailed course map.


When can we expect the program booklet / notice of OstseeMan Triathlon 2018?

The announcement/ the program of the OstseeMan Triathlon 2018 is expected to be sent to all registered in March 2018. It is also possible to retrieve competitive information on the Internet.


What is meant by the term Athlete's Garden?

This is the quiet zone for all participants in the transition area directly behind the finish. Enjoy our daily refreshments, a massage and medical care for you. The Athlete's Garden only active athletes and medical staff and staff have the OstseeMan access.


How many rounds have to be completed for the individual routes?

You have to swim two laps, to bike six laps and finally to run five laps.


Is accompanied allowed on the course?

No, infringement may result in disqualification of the athlete.


How are actually the time limit for relay teams?

The time limit for relay teams match those of the individual competitor.

Swimming: 2 hrs 10 mins.

Swimming and cycling: 9 hours and 30 minutes.

Swimming, cycling and running: 15.00 hrs.


Where can I take a shower after the race?

The Fördeland Therme is free as a sponsor of OstseeMan Triathlon 2018 athletes (500 m away from the transition zone) showers and swimming lanes.


How long can remain the bike after the race in the transition area?

The bikes in the relay exchange zone (transition 2) must be collected to 19.00 clock. Then there is no more security. The bikes in the transition area for individual starters (Transition 1) are guarded to 22.30 clock.


What should I do to get my bike back?

The handover of the bike is done only by presentation of the race number.

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